As a life and corporate leadership coach based in Sri Lanka,

Ramindu offers multi-dimensional results coaching that is proven to unleash each client’s true potential.

His coaching is centralised around bringing you results that you are struggling to achieve and that’s where Ramindu’s coaching shines.

These techniques help business leaders and individual to breakthrough plateaus and play at their fullest potential ever.

His strategies and approach are completely focused upon bringing clients to achieve RESULTS. This is where he differs from any other corporate training or life coaching methods in Sri Lanka. He does that understanding and eliminates what limits each individual, thereby guiding them to fulfilment. The programs conducted by Ramindu can accelerate career growth and establish financial independence, all while helping unlock an inner gift and purpose in life.


Through business coaching, Ramindu requests begins with the most burning matter in hand and eliminate it. This approach drastically differentiate Ramindu’s coaching, hence should not be mistaken for any other usual training or coaching that exists in Sri Lanka.

Your biography does not equal to your destiny

Make every minute count.

Ramindu govern his life with the simple philosophy of continuous and never-ending improvement of himself and ensures that he remains at his peak, while maintaining a student mindset and thirst for knowledge. He is therefore stays relevant to the market.

If you are an individual looking to break through personal barriers and access your potential, or a corporate head looking to unleash the potential within your team, you have just landed on your solution. Get in touch without a hesitation.

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