Do you dream of becoming a leader in your industry?

Sri Lanka Leadership Academy 2.0 is the first of its kind that does not teach you!, but transforms you to an elite leader. It is inevitable that the leader that I coach stands out from the rest and shines.

This is a 12 weeks intensive leadership transformation program and totally immerse yourself in deep learning.

The ascension of yourself as an elite , unshakeable leader. You will carry maturity of knowledge of - How to influence an individual and a group of people to accomplish a goal. World Class negotiation strategies that my clients used to turn challenges into incredible opportunities, and accelerate their revenue,

How to communicate as a leader, one of the greatest weaknesses of this country, make decisions as a leader, exude confidence, certainty as a leader, inspire and drive your team as a leader are the essence of this program and learning in an incredibly highly charged cohort of future leaders.

Most importantly you will experience intervention for yourself as a leader removing life long limiting beliefs and negative conditioning that you had. What call the invisible barriers. A priceless gift for attending our academy.

Your progress will be tracked and monitored during the program and this is the first time an academy doing it in all of Asia. So I rest assured that you win as a leader so we will as an academy.

If you are fired up, if you can promise to commit, then we are excited to hear from you. Apply to enrol and it is limited to small groups so I can give fullest attention to each individual.

Five reasons why you must have a leadership coach.


Deputy General Manager HR - Abans Environmental
Executive Director - Astute Business Patners
Trustee - Lama Movement
Managing Director - Astute Business Patners
Assistant General Manager - Metropolitan
Musician & Entrepreneur

Ramindu that was a great session. Beyond expectations. The techniques used to point our the emotional behaviour of the human mind during the decision making process which will have an impact on the goals & results expected to be achieved was amazing.

Thank you and look forward to be in touch for more insight.

Dilan Nanayakkara

Ramindu skillfully conducted a session for our very young and dynamic team at hatch, helping them understand the core focus and value of our business and brand. He was able to channel their energy into striving for our mission together. His style is effortless and authentic and brings out the best in almost anyone.

Randhula de Silva
Founder CEO GoodLife X | Director Hatch works | Systems Entrepreneur | Catalyst | Art Producer

Ramindu is a truly remarkable life coach and a transformational coach. His approach is logical, and guidance is deep and his mentorship is insight-provoking. His methods are far from the cliche cookie-cutter ones that are rampant in this field, and he truly gives 500% of his time, energy and effort to those he guides and coaches. I have the highest regard for him in what he does, and consider him to be an amazing human being, and a great professional who is a pleasure to work with. I wish him the very best!

Ranmini Vithanagama
Researcher at International Centre for Ethnic Studie

As a Senior Executive in a leading international bank, I have gone through many top notch training and coaching sessions.

However , I found Ramindus coaching to be extremely effective.This is predominantly due to the tools and techniques that he uses while coaching you, considering your behavioral patterns and customizing approach to each individual.

Thanks to Ramindus awesome coaching techniques , I was able to break behavioural patterns I was struggling with for over 15 years. With the support of Ramindu I have honed my leadership skills even further and it has changed me, as an individual, in an extremely positive manner. His coaching will not only assist you at work to be a great leader ,but your entire life due to life changing tips that he shares with you during his sessions..

Ramindu is an extremely effective corporate and individual coach. The effectiveness of his coaching is simply shown through results.
Anyone who crosses their path with Ramindu, will be extremely lucky..and he is highly recommended as a top notch coach in Sri Lanka. ”

Hemesha Seneviratne
Assistant Vice President, International Bank


12 weeks



Batch size



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  • Defining yourself as a leader
  • Developing uncompromising confidence
  • Removing limiting believes - Intervention
  • Practical psychology of an elite leader
  • Critical decision making and how to track them
  • Master the six forces that influence human beings
  • Language of an elite leader
  • The art of negotiation
  • Emotional mastery for leadership
  • Outdoor tests 1 - Candle light test ( conducted in a warehouse, exposes deep fears)
  • Breathing will be taught in three phases in the program. Benefit - clarity amidst challenges, retain energy throughout the day, detach pain when needed and find the best strategy, make the right decision under massive pressure.
  • Create an aggressive clear growth plan for 10 years ahead.

Tracking your progress during the program

Are you a corporate entity with a growing team? Do you want to know how to maximise their fullest potential ? 

Then you are on the right page.

Transforming your leadership team

There are two general challenges most organisations face as they grow.

One challenge is  where they are  doing really well but they’ve hit a plateau. 

The other challenge is where they’ve lost most of their momentum and that is affecting their bottom line. This is where I bring in my expertise. 

There are a lot of organisations out there that do well, however they can’t seem to break through their plateaus and some out there even have lost their momentum and now they are losing their existing revenue. These are largely two pain points in businesses where my service is fully utilised.

Any problem is resolved by people. If your leadership team is at their best, the entity will find solutions to breakthrough any challenges.

To begin,

Let’s categorise your teams as mentioned below,

  • UP – Under performers
  • AP – Average performers
  • AAP – Above Average performers
  • TP ( MC)* – Top performers 

*( maxed capacity) 

The TP in a lot of companies have hit  Maxed Capacity because you really have to depend on them as your rest of the team cannot perform how they do.

So find out who fits into which category based on your standards, your metrics and experience.

Now let’s say as a percentage you have 20% are your Top Performers , 40% are your Above Average Performer, 30% are your Average Performers and 10% are your Under Performers.

Now this might be completely different depending on your organisation.

How to upgrade these staff – the AP to AAP and AAP to TP, so your TP can be delegated. So you have more Top performers helping your business thrive without having to employ more or without having to invest in other external resources.

The two words you need are – Fully engaged

Research has shown that 78% of people are not fully engaged with work. The stats don’t look good. Reasons are plentiful and varied. The question is how do we make them engaged.

How do we make the AAP fully engaged so they upgrade themselves to be a TP.

So first  let’s focus on the Under Performers for a minute. What do we do about them ?

Replace is the easiest way. Delay is the biggest cost of keeping them.

However, my way of handling that matter is to confront what stops them going forward.

If you don’t create a system where you learn about an individual and transform him / her, you will have to endure endless cycles of recruitment.

And before you hire the new blood, you need to create what behaviour that you recognise as UP and what behaviour that in your organisation recognise as AAP , TP so in any given time you can bring these values, behaviours and performances and place it against each individual and show where they stand. 

So if you already have a X no of UP and AP in your organisation what can you do to change that?

You need to make a firm decision to stop tolerating it. Remember you get what you tolerate.

So then you can call upon all of them and have a direct conversation and declare going forward in this organisation. These are our standards and this is how we recognise UP, AP, AAP, TP from now.

And we do not tolerate anything below AAP. If you wish to remain in our team then these are the results, behaviours, performance that you need to show.

You have to open doors for your staff to express where they struggle. Infact Harvard research says the future of leadership is about less to do with managing but more to do with coaching. You have to be a coach or a mentor going forward.

Now the Above average performers are  stuck because they have some limiting beliefs and conditioning is in the way. Because they do not lack experience or knowledge at this point. What’s in their way is deep ingrained limiting beliefs.

Some of these beliefs can go as far as their early childhood. This can surface at some point in life especially at crucial junctions in their lives. Removing these limiting beliefs is something that I live and breathe in. If they do want to become a TP I can certainly help there.

What about the TP? Do they hit a plateau at some point as well? Yes they will too.

S curve of learning for TP

Usually this occurs anywhere between 6 months up to 10 years.

If you do not have a program or a system that helps them grow, challenges them to develop themselves in a healthy manner, they will lose interest and the fire that they once had will diminish. As a result many will disengage and some will quit and join another looking for a new challenge

Does it sound like your organization ?

Develop a program that challenges them, helps them grow.

So you need to adopt CANI – Continuous and never-ending improvement for all your staff.

Make it exciting and keep them excited so they will always be fully engaged 

And reward them generously when they break through their plateaus.

Aas Richard Branson said, appreciating his staff has gone a long way.

So if you want your team to be fully engaged like a team of Spartans you need to have a coaching program that is in place that groom your team so you will maximise their fullest potential.

This is the core of my service. Get in touch with my team to arrange a discussion.