Sales breakthrough 2021 – Sri Lanka

It is a global recession at the time of writing this, but only for many. For some it is a breakthrough time where they have accelerated their income by many folds.

Why is it for some it doesn’t affect? Reasons aren’t supernatural. Reasons are common patterns in their belief system. The best news – You can adopt it and transform yourself to achieve heights that you have dreamed all your life. The truth is your potential is infinite, the only thing that holds back is not the circumstances but yourself.

This program is strictly focused on financial abundance, although the techniques can be later applied for many other aspects of life.

Financial belief system

It is designed to break-through all your limiting beliefs of earning money, going after higher financial goals. We all have learned a lot of the attributes of money incorrectly as a consequence even if you want to earn more, even if you want to do more sales, set higher goals you will crash eventually.

These are down to your deepest beliefs about money. I call it the rubber band effect. Your limiting beliefs are like a rubber band that it can only stretch so much and it’ll snap back to where it was.

If you have a sales team and you have set higher goals the reason they fall short all the times is not because of lack of resources but because of lack of resourcefulness. That boils down to their deepest ‘disbelieves about the target they are after.

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Killer Sales Strategies

Then the next half of the program is giving you proven world class sales strategies that have helped my clients to close sales from 7 figure to 9 figure. These same strategies have helped top sales professionals around the world. Yet it still remains as a secret to many.

By doing sales meaning – that you are offering a service in return for money.


So do you add value to your prospect? Whoever adds more value to your prospects will have the sale.

Do you absolutely belief that your product is a great service to your prospects? If yes why then do you still fall short of your targets? What strategies can you accommodate to change your game?

You will be give an A-Z strategy of how to initiate a sale to close it.

This is a coaching session and not a teaching session. Therefore these methods will be shared and guided on 1-1 basis to craft a world class strategy for you.

There are more included in this program as Ramindu Randeni Coaching brand carries to any program he presents. That will be added as an experience like you have never had in your life.

Are you hungry for this remarkable knowledge and use it to break through this year? Are you coachable? Then you can attend.

Get in touch as we have a limited acceptance due to time constraints.

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