Upgrade yourself from a passenger to a pilot in your life.

Maneuver yourself with great clarity to the destination you wish to reach.


This program involves 90mins sessions every fortnight holding you accountable for your development.

Drawing from years of dedication & self – mastery, I, Ramindu will work on one – on – one with you to first understand your self – perceived limitations that is stopping you living the best version of your life.

I stop you from retreating back to old, familiar comfort zones, completely eliminating your biggest obstacle and the most burning matter to help you charter new, unexplored territories and achieve a more successful professional trajectory, and a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

So far people from diverse backgrounds have come to me. Some of them were Chairmans who were contemplating their prolonging exit, some were Senior managers who wish to accelerate their career ladder to land on the top position, some of them were artists who wanted to breakthrough their career to its next level.

All of them had one thing in common – burning desire! that is is one pre-request that I have for whoever wish to sign up for the program.

Do you have that burning desire to reach your goal? to live a fulfilling life? then let’s talk.

Please note my coaching is limited to 15 individuals at any given year. If the slots are full I can place on a waiting list to be contacted as soon as a position is cleared.

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