Amidst all sorts of macro level and micro level negativity fly around faster than ever, you MUST develop a lifestyle where you outcast these negativities and create an empowering, energy spiking environment around you. If you are operating in low energy, you will not be able to maximise your resources and your potential.  

As the Himalayan Yogi Swami Rama said  “If you are in hell, create heaven around you” that’s the only way out.

Here are 7 ways to protect your energy.

  1. Let go of things you can’t control and replace it with 100% of the things that you CAN CONTROL. Do it like a religious practise. In fullest sincerity.
  1. Lead your life with FAITH. Use faith to crush fear. 

You can only be governed by one trait. You are either run by faith or fear. Choose faith, as fear never ever served you in any way.

  1. Communicate kindly to yourself and with all others. 

Anger kills energy ( have shown this to my clients in detail with scientific evidence) 

If you do not communicate to yourself kindly it’ll be impossible to treat anyone else with kindness, just as much as you can not pour from an empty glass to another.

  1. Acknowledge yourself daily, give validation for your acts before you receive it from others. 

Often you will not receive it for various reasons. If you wait till someone else ‘validates’ your achievement, you will have many painful situations where you deliver great work but no acknowledgement in return. Do the great work, run that extra mile for the company, give, share to make yourself closer to expand as a glorious human being. 

  1. Please yourself before you please others. 

If you are tormenting yourself in the process of pleasing others, back off. You don’t have to! Look after yourself first. It is from your bliss and that alone you can make another happier.

  1. Repel negative toxic association

Accept it on in a rare unavoidable event only.

You get what you tolerate. If you always let yourself be dragged into that toxic association – (this can be either a person or an environment such as harmful substances) you will then always become a victim of it. 

It is you who have to make this call that,  “ I no longer tolerate this”

  1. Stay away from the news and other opinions that do not enhance yourself to progress.

There are a lot of scientific developments are happening, technology is spiking up its journey, entrepreneurship has entered its golden era, new knowledge, clarity of what was once a confusion , all these things are happening at present. But the media sheds negativity the vast majority of the time as it ‘sells’ faster.

So stay away from these as it never supports your journey.

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