The origin of the word coach is used for carriages.

The word was first used in relation to an instructor or a trainer in the early 19th century by the students of Oxford university when they needed a special tutor to get through their exams quickly in a short span of time. Later the word coach was widely used among athletic trainers starting around the 1860s. 

Then in the late 1980s Tony Robbins started using the terms ‘ life coach’ and ‘leadership coach’ to  express how he conducted his sessions. I as someone who was trained by him, knows what it means. I use various elements to rest assure that my client breakthroughs the plateaus and limitations, shrug off childhood negative conditioning and elevate to a different level. 

This is why I’m not a teacher or a mentor. I’m a coach who brings you results and achieves the goal together, which is way beyond delivering some theories in a classroom. 

Todate I have coached leaders from various walks of life. Some of them are chairmen, managing directors, C level executives, entrepreneurs and also professional athletes. I always say bigger your position as a  leader better my coaching techniques work simply because you have the need to execute it immediately.

So why do you need a leadership coach? You might even wonder why top level leaders like I have mentioned above need a coach. I have given 5 reasons why and this isn’t an exhaustive list rather an overall picture. Take a look.

  1. Limiting beliefs

We all have two kinds of beliefs.  The beliefs we hold that empower us, propel us forward and also the beliefs that we hold that disempower us, slow us down and in some instances completely misguide us. The latter are limiting beliefs. These occur mostly during your childhood and we pass many stages from the day we are born till we are an adult. It is inevitable that at one point we succumbed to atleast a one or two limiting beliefs that are going to stand in our way. 

These limiting beliefs do not simply leave you as you grow up. Neither your education nor your experience or title you hold will ever challenge them either. Because these limiting beliefs have stayed in yourself long enough and it has shaped your character, your expressions, how much more or less you need something , your thought process and also your decision making. These limiting beliefs are essentially YOU! Until it has been exposed and removed by a skilled coach who knows how to do interventions. 

I always believe that when we expose our beliefs, look straight at them they are half dead. Rest is easy! However many don’t even realise what limiting belief stops them in the first place.

This is where you need a leadership coach to guide you. This stands as a massive competitive advantage for your business to thrive as well as to develop yourself as an elite leader. This is one of my gifts that I have to serve my clients. 

  1. Clarity = Power

One of the major challenges that many face is that they don’t have enough clarity of where exactly they are heading in to. What if you know exactly where you want to be by 2030! 

What if you know the wrong decision you made today will create a massive failure for you or your business in another 5 years time. This is happening as we speak more than ever.  

Many people due to the challenge of the pandemic are making wrong decisions left right and center. 

As a result their business is going to face dire consequences in another another few years time. Then when you realise it in ie five years time, it’s pretty hard to reverse it and often it’s too late.

Remember every decision you make impacts the next decision. There’s nothing in this world that stands on its own. That’s  a delusion or a narrow vision that many have.  

There’s a methodology of doing anything. Once you have learned it you don’t need to meddle in the darkness. We don’t have to do guess work. This is where a skilled leadership coach guides you through.

  1. Track & measure

How detailed do you track your own behaviour? How often do you review it?

Most organisations do track the numbers. These numbers show the revenue, profit and few other metrics that I call as ‘by products’ of your core.

As a leadership coach I track and measure your core. What is your core? It is what you are made of to make things happen. Your focus, your inner language, your decisions, how long you have taken to make these decisions and a few other elements that I bring in and you will be tracked every single day during my program.  I do that for all levels of my clients. 

Apart from what you see, I also see deep ingrained patterns that you have built in yourself. Depending on what it is, I may make or break that pattern in order to propel you towards the goal we aim for. This is a lot of work behind the scenes for you and one of the reasons why I come at a premium rate.

  1. Optimum acceleration

Do you have a 10 year mission? If so, would you like to accelerate it and achieve it all in 3 years? 

Does it sound impossible to you? Then that’s where we begin. Common belief is that goals must be SMART. However when you sign up with me every letter of that acronym will be challenged. You will be surprised to see how the SMART has been etched with limitations for you. There’s a reason why some individuals around the world hit their targets in a matter of a few years as a fresher with little or no prior experience while some veterans take a few decades living in the same country with access to almost the same resources. 

There is a methodology of guiding you to achieve your goals but it has to be done only if your limiting beliefs are removed. Otherwise you are going to get stuck in a loop and will come out with how every average leader will come out with – excuses for why it cannot be done or why it has failed. 

  1. Influence

Leadership is about influence.  

You need to influence another person to achieve your interest – whether it’s business or otherwise. But how do you influence? Influence is two fold. First and foremost is influencing yourself! 

What patterns govern you without you realising it? What drivers do you thrive in? The limiting beliefs that may surface? What are your fears? And why? Are you a tactical leader or a strategic leader? Are you a leader with preferences or leader by choice?

If you haven’t mastered these, you cannot be an elite leader. Yes you can still maybe work your way up to a ‘title’ but only to be haunted by these weaknesses that I have mentioned above.

Then comes how do you influence others? What drives them, what inspires them. What are their limiting beliefs and how can you lead them to come out of it and play at their fullest potential. Remember every follower does engage to an extent but do they engage with the mission in full? This makes a gigantic difference in the outcome.

This also includes some world class tools in sales & negotiation. On average my clients have grown their sales by 217% in under three months and the maximum so far is 550% and that was recorded in January 2021 in the middle of this pandemic. My coaching also comes with a money back guarantee!

If you are coachable and if you hungry to become an elite leader then you are most welcome to my leadership academy. 

It’s the only fully fledged program in the country where you experience 360º transformation. Corporate entities send their leaders to the academy as well as other individuals from different walks of life. Some of the others are entrepreneurs, ship captains, and athletes. At the end of the program you obtain a certificate which carries an international recognition as well.

Live with spirit!

Ramindu Randeni

Leadership coach

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