The art of celebrating the little wins and the depth of defining who you are.

I have skimmed through my last year’s journal and compared it with previous years. I then noticed some subtle patterns running through me. Lots of positives and some negatives.

This is a reward you receive for consistent journaling.

The thoughts and feelings, the acts and outcomes written in ink are your evidence to recognise some areas where you can improve, protect or remove.

The little celebrations 

 Use the journal to celebrate your little wins as it communicates with your subconscious to notice it thus pave the way to receive more of it. We often wait for someone else to appreciate us to give us that validation of ‘victory’ or ‘achievement’. It can cause you a lot of harm. Because you have no control over external people.

Brain always seeks pleasure or avoids pain. So if you give an appreciation on a daily basis, you are creating a pleasurable state in you which will create more opportunities to do the same.

What you notice is your experience! So notice the little wins and celebrate by giving your self gratitude. Then your subconscious will notice it even more. Instead of coming home and thinking it was a bad day, or just another day, you will have things to celebrate.

What little wins do I celebrate? 

The fact that I refused that piece of cake as my cheat meal day is in a week’s time, taking a walk during my break instead of browsing my social media, giving RsX to that homeless guy, taking time to notice that glorious sunset on my way home ( do you know lot of the tourist writes Sri Lanka’s sunsets are one of the best?), The negative conversation that I did NOT lose my temper.

All these are noteworthy little wins.

Ofcourse when the big wins happens do journal it too. The million dollar deal that you have finally closed, the tough exam you passed, the girl you always wanted to go out with say yes! 

Along with that I always do the following.

Define who I am 

As otherwise the world will define it for you. Guess how they will define you – less! Examples are too many to note. There were thousands of amazing souls walking on this earth who were once humiliated by society. But they continued and were revered by the same society.  If you do not define who you are, there will be too many times that your identity will be given false definition and quite often it will crush your spirit.

So, I take this task of defining myself pretty seriously.

End of the month, take a look at your journal. See if you notice any pattern where you can improve. See areas where you can really appreciate who you are becoming.

Year later you will notice that you’ve actually done well! You would not need to seek validation from the external world. When you receive it accept and enjoy it but you no longer seek it.

Years later you will also see the phases in your life, patterns that you may need to break out of.

Journaling, start today! Grab some books, and start, do not I repeat do not plan too much to start this. 

Live with spirit Ramindu Randeni

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