Dr. Kamila was a brilliant star student since he was a child and a product of the Royal College. He scored straight 8 distinctions for his O’levels, straight 3 A’s for his A’ levels. He is also a passionate musician and loves to play the violin and can sing well too. At the time of this testimonial he is training to become a surgeon. However all this fabulous track record can be tarnished if you ‘stop’ your personal development. You must grow as an individual and that takes more than your academics. Part of that is confronting your own limiting beliefs.

Dr. Kamila as mentioned is a brilliant student. He kept a small booklet where he jot down everything that I coached him and he frequently refer them as he gets a minute in hand. This is what I called an outstanding approach to breakthrough. It was also my greatest privilege to coach one of my best friends too. The fulfilment is a quite a different one. Almost all of my clients prefer to stay confidential for various reasons and this is how I conduct my sessions anyway. Hence highly appreciate his kind testimonial given.

Do you dream to tap in to your greatest self? accelerate your career either in business or corporate? Are you coachable? do you have a burning desire? If your answer is an YES to all the above then I can help you too. I only take 15 individuals any given year and I go a full one year journey with them.

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