It’s easy to fall in love with our own product / services and it’s a common trait. However, this attitude is detrimental for the growth of your business, especially now, post lockdown / post pandemic. Consumer behaviour has changed drastically, even the most conservative clients, senior citizens have adopted new ways to consume.

 Develop an attitude of falling in love with your customer and fall in love with your market instead.

One of such new thinking that I was impressed in the recent month was Bathiya and Santhush’s ‘drive in concert’ that not only entertained many but also brought fame to the country where international media highlighted it as a positive move. This success story itself should inspire you to think creatively.

Eliminate common procrastination – i.e. “the market is down, economy is crashing, clients don’t understand the value of my product” etc. This will never lead you anywhere better, but fuel you even more to resort in to a negative state thus killing your progress. 

If you don’t re-learn your market, if you avoid to re-learn the behaviours of your existing clientele itself, you are at a risk of losing them in big numbers.

At this very moment, someone in his bedroom possibly developing a system to capture a portion of your clientele who you have spent years developing, simply because that person understood what’s required at this point of time.

So if you refuse to adopt, the market will refuse you lot sooner than ever.

One of the best examples is the case study of Blackberry.

In adopting new ways, the fashion brand Zara is in the forefront.

Zara’s model uses ‘just in time’ and they keep observing the latest trends, tastes and likings of their target clientele. They have adopted a culture of creating a product for their customer so aggressively to the point that the latest designs will be done and out in their shop front within a span of two weeks. Hence Zara’s model stay relevant to the market.

 So, go back and ask from yourself, your team or if you are heading a large organisation ask from every department possible to share their insights as to how we can adopt in this new market conditions. How to improve your processes, eliminate non value adding gaps in your operation, re evaluate your approaches in sales and marketing.

 Involve every possible resource you have, include your loyal clients as well. Hire a skilled business mentor / coach who can see it from the outset, capture limiting beliefs and behaviours of your team and re-engineer your thinking to accelerate your progress / breakthrough plateaus.

Then the next most important quality to develop is make decisions faster. That’s your job as a business leader.

 Don’t sit on it and wonder, take massive actions.

 If you need to clear your doubts, there are so many ways to test new ways without risking large capitals and without exhausting your resources. If you have an existing clientele, that’s a luxury that you must make the most of.

 Within a mere few weeks, your business will be heading to a different direction and as a result creating more revenue from your existing clients, attracting new clients and even possibly discovering new products and services that you have the skills to offer.

Remember, if you do well in the winter, you will thrive in the summer.

 Develop an attitude of adopting new ways sooner rather than later. 

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