We are passing through a golden opportunity for self reflection. 

Look at us, the way we ran the rat race.. The cares we gave for others opinions and their judgments. The money and the time we wasted adding fancy unnecessary materials to our lives to impress the people sometimes we don’t even know. Endless notifications on the phone that you are now responding to various and nefarious acts by the entire world around the clock.

The endless list of upgrades you are drawing the hard earned cash for – the TV, the shoe, the phone and the car or even the house! 

All can be summed up to one word,  – MORE!

During our lockdown none of the above made any sense.

Self reflection is an overused word and many aren’t even aware how to begin it in the first place. That is the real danger in your life.

You need to ‘know’ who you are and what are the few things that matters to you the most. This isn’t a cynical article towards pursuing your dreams nor this is against hedonism. Well not really!

This is a call out to spend time really in isolation for a part of your day and find the above.

Then, grab a journal ( or any paper) and start DEFINING who you are

One of the key elements that you must incorporate to yourself.

“If you don’t, society will constantly define who you are and guess how they will define you -LESS! To say the least.”

You need to have a few lines that you use as a mantra on a daily basis that defines who you are. Defining yourself does not include – your profession, credentials or your family background.

Defining yourself is a piece that resonates with your soul, an intimate ode that lighten up your soul. You can whisper this to yourself in silence amidst chaos, amidst negative energy vampires, and stay intact.

This is a one superior quality that makes you into an unshakeable human being. If you master this well, those who attempt to define you, criticise you will be mere noise in the air that bounces back at them, while the definition that you polish everyday about yourself will echo so much louder within you and it’ll show from a simple smile in yourself.

Now at the time of writing this article we are at a partial lockdown. However chances are high that many entrepreneurs will go into an inevitable bankruptcy, some may lose their jobs as the companies have started their redundant processes. Some students who depend on their parents to fund their higher education may have to compromise. That grand wedding you planned with extravagant expenses will have to cut down or for some postpone it all together. 

In a financial crisis waiting to unfold in the ensuing months ( or years), it is natural that you will make an attempt to let it define you. These are mere materials! Nothing more luxurious than being ALIVE!  That’s the  very attempt by the entire world at the moment. 

Try these two steps to create a powerful self identity :

1. Acknowledge the priceless abundance

No matter how much you cut down your cost of living, no matter what compromises you make, you are still surrounded with great abundance. 

Among them the very fact that you can read this from your eyes, breath, walk, talk and eat are some of the luxuries that you can’t ever put a price tag!

2. Who you have become – your story

Everything can be taken away except who you have become, the story you have build along your journey. How have you started from the scratch and build yourself, failures and how did you overcome them, how did you build courage amidst many challenges to take bold decisions and turned things around. What’s your story? narrate it in a way that it ignites your fire within, instantly.

My clients receive the benefit of working on this element as early as they begin with me and I dive deep with them unleashing a fire that often surprises them as well as myself.

Live with spirit!

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