Why do I need a life coach?

Even if you are the best brain surgeon out there you can not perform an operation on yourself. — because you are in it.

Even if you think you can see yourself unfortunately you don’t most of the time.

Lot of people operate in their life without any insight about their own selves. But the loss here is that, you most of the time underestimate yourself way way below your potential.

This is the very reason why everyone needs a coach.

Dav Whatmore — Coaching the Sri Lankan Cricket team, year 1996

Life coach doesn’t mean that he /she is better than you…not necessarily. Dav Whatmore who coached the Sri Lankan team to win the ’96 world cup is not better than any of the players.As you know more than half that team consisted of legends such as Jayasuriya, Aravinda, Arjuna, Mahanama, Vaas, Murali, Kalu. Dav knew how to tap into the magic of each and everyone of them and optimise them to win the ultimate goal they were after.

Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham

Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably known as the greatest football coach ever. He coached the Manchester United club for 26 years and many point out him as the main reason for the Man U to win 38 trophies during his tenure. Under him were great athletes such as David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo and many more superstars.

Even the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was raised by mentors most of his life.

In the sports world there is a known system for professional coaching . However, in other areas of life seeking a coach is lesser known especially in this part of the world. It’s still known among a certain niche although it doesn’t have to be only niche.

I grew exponentially discovering my gift when I received coaching for myself. By then I have read a rack full of books, followed online courses and attended events. However the first session that I had with my coach on 1–1 basis which lasted for 90mins surpassed everything that I have studied. It was completely personal and drilled into my limiting beliefs that I never thought I had.

Even the life coaches need a life coach above them. I have a couple coaches coaching me even to-date. Even the legendary Tony Robbins has three coaches coaching him at the moment although he has been in the industry for 40 long years now and coached highly prominent figures such as Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman and Marc Benioff ( salesforce founder) and too many to mention.

That shows how essential it is to have a coach if you want to tapping into your best version sooner rather than later.

When people come to me I open handedly say present your most burning matter and I crack it then and there.

Those who I coach I’m in the journey for tapping in their gift and open the possibilities that I am enjoying now. While I create a fulfilling, glorious journey for them.

People have come to me from very diverse backgrounds, some are 20–25 years senior than me and some have just left school. Some are corporate titans and some are athletes, artists or entrepreneurs.

One of the best rewards in my profession as a life coach was that I could help people overcome severe depression cases including suicidal.

Those who have come have been to other experts in that area.

Large part of the time they failed because they paraphrased some theory and expected it to work. In Sinhalese we call it ‘kokatath thailaya’. However if you can hire a gifted coach, he/she will dig deep into your issue and can capture where exactly the issue is and pull it out from the root. This isn’t common but it does exist.

I really hope there will be more gifted life coaches out there because it’s not like I can serve everyone on 1–1. My limit is 15 individuals in any given time.

Hence I’ve decided to share more insights through blogs and videos for you in the future.

But remember, no matter what content that I share online, what I do 1–0–1 with my clients across a table cannot be explained or matched. I’m fully present with them and every syllable you say is registered here and I dig real deep. I listen to what you are not saying. Sometimes we go as far as 30–40 years to expose the matter.

All those that I have mentioned, they come to me because of their own inner conflicts, or limiting beliefs, that they have cultivated for a lifetime. So they have created a mental scotoma or a blindspot and no matter how much they look at the issue in hand it is not captured.

The magic is, once this is removed and conditioned, they all accelerate into a whole different level. It’s just an amazing sight to watch. Making me feel this is the best job in the world.

Remember a good coach is always a good leader as well. An outstanding coach will lead you to glory!

The reason why most people call me straight away is because what’s discussed stays with me forever. Clients have always confessed more trusting me. That is one of the reasons that apart from the testimonials you see online I will never share a thing about any of my clients. Even the testimonials you see will not be elaborated.


“One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

So I’d urge you to select a coach for yourself, share your most burning matter and the dream you have and it will do wonders in your life. It will accelerate your life and have a fulfilling glorious life.


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