If not you will compromise what you represent and crash it down to the ground lot sooner than you have built it.

This is  a leadership mindset that you MUST TRAIN yourself intensely.   

Develop certainty amidst all uncertainty.

We all need a sense of certainty to do anything. Even if you don’t do something you will still need some sense of certainty for ex – you need the roof over your head not to collapse while you are working.

However when people lose certainty in their head is when things get chaotic. You panic, people will be stressed out or even depressed if this state of uncertainty keeps feeding on.

The modern environment is still not developed to help you to build certainty amidst chaos, It is still designed to make it worse with news, social media posts etc. 

This is why I say, We are living in a world where the good news travels fast, indeed, but the bad news travels faster.

Now the current circumstances at the time of writing this, we are facing a global level economic downturn. This creates uncertainty among the majority quite naturally.

When uncertainty governs your brain, it shows you a way out, an escape route.

It is in our Primitive  nature. For two millions of years we are used to living a fear centric life. Where the humans lived among animals in forests running away from danger almost all the time.

In the evolution Humans started agriculture some 10-12,000 years ago. But the system or the brain you and I use are 2 millions of age so fear of uncertainty is pretty much hard coded into our system.

When you as a leader are thinking of a way out, You will not see strategic avenues to develop your business and let alone taking innovative measures.

So as a result your business will go backwards. 

We must first develop certainty in ourselves. 

Once you develop certainty within you, sincerely it will project from you easily.

When you communicate with your team it expresses more nonverbally than verbally  and your team will react  to it. This has a direct impact on their level of engagement with your leadership without a doubt.


So here are a few steps to create certainty within you. There’s a lot more advanced layers there, but without guidance this is what I can share with you to practice alone.

  1. Identify what creates uncertainty in you – decode it. 

When fear is decoded , it becomes miniscule, weakens its power and is easier to attack.

Where the wisdom comes from. 

Genchi Gembutsu from Toyota technology. It’s coming from Buddhism – Ehipassiko. 

Meaning come closer and see. It’s an invitation to seek empirical evidence.

As you go closer to the problem, you will realize that it becomes weaker. 

There’s a methodology of doing this and it’s amazing how I have managed to apply this across so many industry leaders so far resolving what first seems to be a substantial threat to a miniscule easy to move issue or even better, finding ways to turn that challenge completely around and make it into a new opportunity! 

  1. What strengthens you ? – decode it.

When strengths are decoded, you find absolute clarity about yourself, and will know how and what needs to be done to ignite that strength appropriately. 

If you know your greatest strength as a fast bowler is the yorker, like Lasith Malinga, then master it, create a strategy to finally trap the batsman and ball that yorker. 

Is it communication? Is it the skill of negotiation? Ability to innovate? Develop operation excellence? Identify it. 


Apply it more intently, aggressively and centralize around it. Remember elite entrepreneurs and leaders win by capitalizing on their strengths.

  1. Learn to ask this question every time when you feel overwhelmed with a challenge.

Does this create certainty or uncertainty in me?

If it’s uncertainty, what can I focus on to create certainty in me. In a healthy way.

Your brain will give you the right answer only if you ask the right question

So in this way it’ll shed light into an area where you didn’t even think existed before.

Great leaders lead their countries’ missions and corporations by developing outstanding levels of certainty in them and in their mission. That’s the only way. 

So create certainty in your mind and find your breakthrough.

Ramindu Randeni


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